ARML Team – Description

Each year, the Connecticut Math Team goes to the ARML (American Regions Math League).

The ARML is a national competition held annually at four venues simultaneously on the Saturday following Memorial Day (late May or early June). Teams are entered by states (e.g. Connecticut), cities (e.g. New York City), regions (e.g. Lehigh Valley), high schools (e.g. Thomas Jefferson High School), and math circles (e.g. Westchester Math Circle). Any given organization may send multiple teams to the ARML. Each team consists of 15 students.

Connecticut sends three teams to the ARML each year. A bus picks up team members at various locations in the state on the Friday morning and takes the students to Penn State College, which is one of the locations for the ARML. Students are accommodated in dormitories and return to Connecticut on the Sunday morning.

For the dates of this year’s ARML trip, please see the CSAML home page.

For further information regarding this year’s Connecticut team and to register for the CT ARML Qualification Test, please click here.

Qualification for the Connecticut ARML team is achieved by taking the Connecticut ARML Qualification Test, which is given online, early-to-mid March. For recent ARML Qualification Tests, please see here. For the date of this year’s test, to register for the test, and to learn more about the Connecticut team, please see here.

For further information about the ARML, please visit the ARML website.