New England Match – Description

The New England math match is hosted by NEAML (New England Association of Math Leagues). For practice questions from past NEAML matches, please click here.

Date and Location
The New England match (NEAML) traditionally takes place on a Friday in late April. The 2023 NEAML meet took place on Friday, April 28, 2023. The date of this year’s NEAML meet will be posted on the CSAML home page.

Qualification for NEAML for Connecticut teams is as follows:
The top two schools in each league (and the top three in FCML, as it’s larger) automatically qualify; one further school from each size category qualifies according to its performance at the CT state match; and a single further school qualifies from the state match.

The cost of NEAML in 2023 was $75 per school. For Connecticut schools, the cost is covered by the schools’ leagues; the leagues make a payment to CSAML, and CSAML makes a single payment to NEAML for all the Connecticut schools that take part.

The New England match consists of three divisions: small schools, medium schools, and large schools.
Small schools are schools with fewer than 450 students in grades 10, 11, and 12.
Medium schools are schools with between 450 and 850 students in grades 10, 11, and 12.
Large schools are schools with more than 850 students in grades 10, 11, and 12.
(Please note that these criteria are different from those applicable to the Connecticut state match.)

Team sizes
Small schools: 6 students
Medium schools: 6 students
Large schools: 8 students
Note: there are no B-teams at the New England match.

Students on the team
Small and medium schools: Each team has a maximum of three seniors and a maximum of five juniors and seniors combined.
Large schools: Each team has a maximum of three seniors and a maximum of six juniors and seniors combined.

Six individual rounds, ten minutes each round, no calculator.
Three questions on each round.
Each student takes three rounds.
Small and medium schools: each round includes three students; Large schools: each round includes 4 students
The team round is 12 minutes, no calculator.

Individual rounds: Q1: 1 point; Q2: 2 points; Q3: 3 points
Team round: Small and medium schools: 3 points for each question; Large schools: 4 points for each question

Round 1: Arithmetic and Number Theory
Round 2: Algebra I
Round 3: Geometry
Round 4: Algebra II
Round 5: Analytic Geometry
Round 6: Trig and Complex Numbers

For access to recent NEAML questions, please click here.